Thursday, March 1, 2012

The powers of angels and demons

What most angels can do at the spiritual level, demons can do the same, but what demons can do at the physical level, angels cannot do. The reason is, demons can materialize and take physical human form, whereas angels cannot take physical human form. Demons are angels that can materialize as human beings and they are symbolically the poisonous creatures, germs, diseases, havoc wreckers and all the negative things that human beings abhor. Archangels can also materialize as physical human beings and they have the same magic bodies as demons. The Seven African gods are example of spirits that can take physical human form.

Hence, the reference to Satan as being a serpent is to describe an angel having the characteristics and personality of a serpent. It is a story to convey a moral lesson as to the nature of demons in the lives of human beings. That story also implies that women are more vulnerable to be tricked by the material desires of life, which can often lead to disaster.

Angels and demons cannot perform miracles or influence nature by any spiritual means. An angel cannot walk on water, an angel cannot cause water to come out of a rock, an angel cannot resurrect a dead human being. An angel cannot cause a human being to have an illness and an angel cannot cure an illness of a human being by spiritual means. In the case of a disease an angel that has knowledge of its cure can suggest the herbs or medication that can be used for that cure.

Example, if a person were to be ill and request the angel Raphael for healing; Raphael cannot directly cure that illness, however if he has knowledge of traditional medicine to use, he will offer his suggestion.

The reason for the limitation of the powers of angels is: GOD DOES NOT ALLOW SPIRITS TO ALTER PHYSICAL MATTER. If spirits were allowed to alter physical matter, then Gabriel indeed could have made Zachariah dumb, and not only that, but demons would have made half the population of human beings dumb. Angels hence do not have the power to perform miracles of any kind.

Knowing this limitation of angels and having fairly established that Jesus was the angel Emmanuel materialized on earth with his magic body, I was able to deduce that all the miracles of Jesus either never occurred, or some could be propaganda (of we heard Jesus walked on water, kind of rumors) when no one actually saw him do it. Or the miracles were simply written into the new testament as fictional stories, or they were tricks using his magic body or an elemental spirit. But from all angles, it was impossible for Jesus to walk on water, or change water into wine, because he was an angel in a human form.

Moses parted the red sea, and Moses changed the waters of the NIle into blood, so why couldn’t Jesus do the same. God in his infinite wisdom has balanced the power between human beings and spirits, so God can work a miracle through a human being, but God does not work miracles through angels. The reason is, angels are gods and already have powers built into their magic bodies, and it is unfair for God to give additional powers to angels against human beings. Angels are immortal, but human beings are not immortal. God hence unites with human beings to grant us power over nature which balances off the magic bodies of angels.

Moses was able to part the red sea because he is a human being, and Okomfo Anokye was able to plant the immovable sword into the ground, because he is also human being.

God in the old testament spoke to Moses, God spoke to Abraham, spoke to Isaac, Jacob and the many prophets, but there was not one instance when God spoke to Jesus in the bible. The reason is, Jesus was an angel in physical human form and God does not speak to angels or give them instructions to do this and that. Angels are gods unto themselves and do things by their own choice, not because God asked them to.

Angels are not messengers of the supreme God, but can be messengers of the Elohim in heaven occasionally. There is a difference in the two. The Elohim in heaven, such as Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehovah etc are spirits and they are not the supreme God who is mind. Hence a message from an angel does not come from the supreme God, but rather often come from the angel himself.

If Jesus could walk on water, Lucifer would have been dancing on water long before Jesus got here on earth. If Jesus could resurrect Lazarus from the dead, Lucifer would have brought the entire dead from the cemetery alive and the dead would be walking the streets. If Jesus could change water into wine, Lucifer would have changed the ocean into Vodka. If Jesus could have fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish, Lucifer would have changed stones into bread to feed an entire country and declared himself God of the earth, long before Jesus was born.

I make these comparisons between Jesus and Lucifer because they are both angels and they both do not have the power to manipulate nature. If Jesus could have done those miracles, Lucifer would have been doing them long ago to impress human beings. A miracle performed by an angel would be given credit to that angel, which caused human beings to end up worshipping Jesus, whereas a miracle performed by an ordinary man would have been given to God .

There are often times when miraculous cures have occurred as a result of prayer, when the cures were actually done by God through that person, yet Christians ended up giving Jesus the praise. This is exactly one of the reasons why God, does not give power to angels to perform miracles, for they would have challenged and compared themselves to God, and human beings would end up worshipping them.

Mary, faked the virgin birth when Jesus actually materialized next to her, using his magic body. From this angle, human beings have always thought of Jesus as being a super human being, when we was an archangel materialized in human form all along. If human beings actually knew he was an angel at that time, we would have known that the miracles are similar to a David Copperfield magic tricks, or a Houdini magical trick. The miracles of Jesus did not occur, because he was an archangel materialized as a human being, and God does not give power to spirits materialized in human form to perform miracles. The physical earth belongs to human beings, and spirits cannot alter anything physically on earth by any spiritual means.

Elemental spirits have the ability to enter into human beings and animals. Every form of animal, including butterflies, insects, germs, snakes, lion, wolf, tiger, leopard, monkeys, birds also exist as an elemental spirit. And through them disease can be transmitted to a human being. Example, an elemental spirit can enter a snake to manipulate itself to be near where a person is in the forest. The elemental spirit can enter a dog, to cause your own pet dog to bite you.

An elemental spirit can enter a mosquito for a person to be bitten to have malaria. The deadly and poisonous elemental spirits are the evil spirits that are manipulated by demons. An elemental spirit in the form of lice can be owned by a demon, who sends it to attack a person, causing rashes on the person;s skin.

Some animals are naturally poisonous to human beings and when they are spiritually manipulated invoodoo can cause illness and possibly death to human beings. For a person to be affected by a voodoo spell, it usually has to come into contact with the person. Once it does, the deadly bacteria contained in the spell can usually cause an illness to the person.

Kabbalah arms a person with tools to combat demons, command nature, and neutralize the effects of voodoo, witchcraft and witches.

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