Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dish for friends

Guest post written by Sidney Owens

We were looking up ways we could give one of our friends Dish TV as a gift on the website,, which gives a pretty basic outline of the costs, channels and all. At first, my husband and I were discussing whether it would even be a good gift idea.

We did not want our friends to be upset if they got stuck in a bad deal or if they just simply did not want to have additional TV services at their house. We eventually decided that they would probably just be glad that we were thinking of them.

Any channel package changes they needed, I was pretty sure the provider would help them out. So, we checked out a couple of different channel packages and tried to gauge what choice they would be happiest with. I thought that at least a few sports channels, a few movie channels, and some how-to channels would be a pretty safe route to go. My husband ended up agreeing with me so we got a fairly basic package. We figured they could change or update it however they needed. Dish for friends

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