Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nursing scrubs on sale

Nurses have a reputable profession and they are greatly admired for their patience, care, and time they provide for their patients. However, their dress codes are somewhat of a monotony to see practically all the nurses dressed in the same uniform. Here is a place to find nursing scrubs on sale. Not only are these scrubs priced low, but they add style to the body.

Among other items on sale are doctors scrubs, which comes in various colors. Teal green scrubs are most popular, since they are not too bright and add some color, other than the standard white uniforms, nurses wear. Adding some sort of variety to the uniforms both nurses and doctors wear, creates are more relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the hospital.

Colors of nature are most suitable in a hospital environment. Such as green, blue, white, brown are some of the refreshing colors that help the patients revive quickly, especially the green or teal green colors.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stay in shape and stay healthy

The human body just like most cars often break down and need to be tuned up from time to time. If we could eat to maintain the body healthy all will be well, but unfortunately nature’s natural resources are not sufficient to keep the body in shape. There are electronic devices such as TENS Units, Muscle Stimulators that can be used to reduce pain and to quickly re-habilitate the muscles.

There are circumstances that after a person is injured they may have to go through therapy and use additional equipments such as the LG TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator to rehabilitate their muscles to be able to walk or move their arms again. People that may have suffered from a mild struck sometimes loose their ability to use some their legs or arms for a while. In other cases, if someone were to be in a wheel chair for long time, they practically loose their ability to walk for a long time.

These equipments are recommended not only for those that need to rehabilitate themselves, but those that make in living as trainers, in professional sports will find these medical equipments handy for themselves for their clients. You may Visit LGMedSupply Online to find out what equipments they have available. You may get additional information on them from their online customer blog.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Biggest Loser Offers Hope To The Overweight Population

Thanks for the post from Rashad Townsend

I anxiously await Tuesday nights to watch "The Biggest Loser" on satellite tv from Watching the contestants fight their demons and battle the scale, not to mention each other, is great television. While the monetary incentive of $250,000 to the winner is nice, it's really not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to lose the weight that's been impossible to lose at home. It's always sad to see someone sent home early in the show, because they fell below the yellow line in the weight loss competition, but the last five minutes of the show tells the true story of how well they did once they got home. Seeing the before and after pictures and video are what I wait for each week.

The main characters each season are Bob and Jillian, the tough trainers who walk the contestants through life on the ranch. They show them the correct ways to exercise and the best foods to eat. They also get into their heads and help the contestants realize why they became overweight in the first place. Through the trainers, you realize that weight loss is a matter of eating the right foods, buckling down to the right exercise habits and getting your mind straight. Maybe one day I too will be able to make the transformations much like the ones we see on the television.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kickboxing League Champ

Guest post written by Danny Sellman

Staying active has always been important to me. It was important to me when I was 16, and it couldn’t be more important to me now that I’m 62.

I probably keep fit in a way unique to others my age, though. I’ve always enjoyed boxing as long as I can remember—it’s always been my exercise of choice. I even went to nationals in college! I definitely did not want to give that up as I got older, so I co-founded the senior kickboxing league at my local fitness club with a buddy of mine. We don’t do the combat part, but we definitely exercise using jabs and kicks with the bags the club has. The league gives us a reason to stay active.

While I like I’m in top physical shape for my age, there are several other things I need to work on to get the rest of my body in line. I’m going for a new eyeglass prescription, and I think I’m also going to check out to see about getting some hearing aids. Just one step closer to my college body!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Some symptoms of diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes which have been described as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In both of these, there is too much glucose in the blood and not enough in the cells of the body. The high glucose level are due to lack of insulin in the cells which have may have been destroyed or the cells cannot no longer produce enough insulin to assimilate all the glucose.

In the type 2 diabetes the body becomes resistant to the production of insulin, so the body does not get enough glucose it needs. Some of the symptoms will be a constant need to urinate. Urination becomes constant when there is too much glucose in the body. When there is insufficient insulin in the cells, the body attempts to filter out the glucose back to the body by drawing out fluids from the blood stream with the excess causing the need to urinate.

A constant need to want to drink could also be a symptom of diabetes since the body is drawing water from the blood which is causing the person to urinate while at the same time the person is replenishing the body with water. It is a cycle of one leading to the other in a constant stream due to the weak insulin in the cells of the body.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The benefits of Oregano oil

It has recently been discovered that Oregano oil is an effective resistant against bacteria hence drastically curbs the growth of bacteria allowing vegetables that have been sprayed with oregano oil to stay fresh for longer periods of time. We have tried many ways of of controlling and reducing bacteria which quickly cause the decay of food and other items.

The refrigerator as cold as the inside temperature may be due to the continuos opening and closing of the refrigerator door prevents food from staying fresh. Bacteria have been known to dwell in just about anywhere there is food, vegetable, organic substances since these food for the bacteria. Oregano oil in the present has been used to make various forms of highly enriched vitamin and mineral products one of such items is Bio D-Mulsion which is a highly enriched source of vitamin D. Certain basic vitamins are essential for a daily health among them are vitamin C and Vitamin D which maintains the calcium and bones and growth of the body.

Staying healthy require conscious effort and even the sun provides us with a good source of vitamin D, our lifestyle does not allow us to be in the sun for sufficient number of hours. Most people work inside offices and as result stay indoors most of the day. Artificial vitamin supplements are hence recommended to keep the body healthy.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to perform spiritual baths, spiritual cleansing and divination

The seven Hebrew Gods – The Oracle of the Elohim (divination)

The source is one but the manifestations are many, just as white light has a composite of seven colors so it is that our God is one but manifests as seven primary Elohim. The Elohim are the Gods that create universes and populate them with life and living beings. The Elohim are responsible for creating our universe, this planet and the planets of our solar system and created all life and creatures of this planet.

The Hebrew word for Gods is Elohim and they are grouped as four Elohim of the four elements of air, fire, water, and earth and three Elohim of mankind that created the three primary races of the Africans, Asians, and Caucasians.

The Elohim of air is by the name EHEIEH meaning I AM created the air, the clouds, the sky, the birds, the angels of air, the elementals of air known as the sylphs and all the creatures that fly.

The Elohim of fire is the by the name YAHWEH, who created the suns, the stars, the moons, the planets, the elementals of fire known as the salamanders, lightning, the angels of fire, and the fire of life within human beings. YAHWEH is the God of fire, the God of Light.

The Elohim of water is ELOAH, who created the ocean, all the rivers, the rain, the elementals of water known as the undines, the angels of water, all the creatures of the sea, the fish, the whales, the sharks, and the living creatures of the water and the ocean was created by ELOAH.

The Elohim of earth is ELION, who created the plants, animals, the creeping creatures of the earth, the elementals of the earth known as the gnomes or dwarfs, the angels of the earth, the rocks, the sand, the mountains, the metals of the earth.

The Elohim of the Hebrews or Caucasian race is YAH, who created the Adam & Eve we know of in the bible. He is the God of Abraham, of Isaac, of Moses, of Jacob. The God YAH created the souls of the Caucasians, the souls of the Jews, and all those of Caucasian descent. The God YAH is often times confused with the God YAHWEH, for YAH is the God that created the souls of the race of the Hebrews, YAHWEH is the God of fire, and of Light. The God YAH manifests as a male Caucasian, whereas the God YAWHEH manifests as fire.

The God ElOHIM is the God of the Africans, blacks, Hispanics and all those who have their root from Africa. The God ELOHIM sometimes abbreviated as EL is known to the Arabs as AL. The God ELOHIM created the souls of the black race, the Africans and all those of black African descent including the Hispanics. The God ELOHIM takes on the appearance of any black female. It is in honor of this God that the Jews wear black for they are aware of the presence of the black female God in their religion even though they will not go public with it. The God ELOHIM is the mother of the Africans and in her image were the Africans created.

The God of the Asians and those of oriental descent is EL SHADDAI. This Elohim is the creator of the souls of the mongoloid Chinese, Japanese and all those of oriental descent. He indentifies himself with just a face with Chinese looking eyes. EL SHADDAI is God all mighty. In the image of EL SHADDAI were the oriental created.

Through the seven Elohim mankind is intertwined with all of nature, the elements, all the angels, elementals and spirits. YAH represents the male gender of human beings and ELOHIM represents the female gender of all human beings. Hence YAH is the representative of all men, and ELOHIM is the representative of all women. YAHWEH is the male representation of all the animals, elementals and of the angels, and ELOAH is the female representation of all animals, elementals, spirits and angels. YAHWEH is hence the father of all the angels and spirits and ELOAH is the mother of all the angels and spirits.

Each of the Elohim has an angel that serves beneath them. The angel of the element of air that serves beneath the God EHIEH is ARIEL. The angel Ariel rules all creatures of the air, such as the birds, and also rules the elementair, and rules the elementals of the air known as the sylphs. The God EHIEH created the creatures, whereas the angel Ariel rules them.

The angel of the element of fire that serves beneath the God YAHWEH is the angel Seraph. The angel Seraph rule the element of fire, rules the elementals known as the salamanders, governs lightning and all that is associated with light.

The angel of the element of water is Tharsis, who rules all that is created by the God ELOAH. Tharsis rules all the fish in the sea, all the waters of the earth, and all the elementals of water known as the undines. The angel Tharsis rules over all that is created by the God ELOAH.

The angel of the element of earth is Kerub who rules over all the animals of the earth and all the creatures that move over the land, including the trees, the herbs the seeds, the rocks, the metals, and the elementals of earth known as the gnomes or dwarfs.

The angel of the African, black, Hispanic and all those of African descent is the angel Gabriel. Gabriel whose name means “God is my strength” is the sovereign messenger of the God ELOHIM or EL known to the Arabs as AL. Gabriel is the angel of all those that have their roots from Africa, that includes the Hispanics. The angel Gabriel rules all that is created by the God ELOHIM.

The angel of the Hebrew, Caucasian race is the angel Michael, who is prince of the archangels and is the sovereign ruler of all those that have their roots from the Caucasian race. Michael means “who is like unto God”. He is the ruler of all that is created by the God YAH.

The angel of the Asian, oriental race is Raphael, whose name means “God is my healer”. He is the ruler of all that is created by the God EL SHADDAI. Raphael is the angel of all those of Asian, oriental descent.

The planets and the stars were created by the God YAHWEH and they are ruled by various archangels and angels. The seven main planets and the angels that rule them are as follows: The sun, ruled by the archangel Michael, and the angel Raphael. These two angels also rule Sunday, the metal Gold, and the color yellow.

The planet moon is ruled by the angel Gabriel, the day of the week Monday, the metal Silver, and the color white. The planet Mars is ruled by the angel Kumael, the day of the week Tuesday, the metal iron, and the color red. The planet Mercury is ruled by the archangel Michael and the angel Raphael, the day of the week Wednesday, the metal mercury, the color purple.

The planet Jupiter is ruled by the archangel Zadkiel and the angel Sachiel, the day of the week Thursday, the metal Tin, the color blue. The planet Venus is ruled by the archangel Haniel and the angel Anael, the metal copper, the color green. The planet Saturn is ruled by the archangel Zaphkiel and the angel Cassiel, the day of the week Saturday, the metal lead, the color black.

Through this combination between the Gods(Elohim) and their angels the planets, the stars were created and ruled. The God YAHWEH is popularly known for he is the God of fire and of light, the God of the sun , the stars and the planets. Throughout the wars fought by the Hebrews the God YAHWEH was often called upon to intervene for fire and lightning are weapons of nature. Fire is also more frightening, easily discernible so the God YAHWEH gets the most attention and has become most popular.

Diloggun, Divination

Twenty one cowries are used in this process of divination, but only sixteen are used at any given time. The sixteen cowries are picked at random from the twenty one and the remaining five cowries put aside. The process of casting the shells is called diloggun and when it is cast the shells are counted and recorded by the number of shells that fall mouth side up. The shells are counted and given names: Beth (one mouth), Gimel (two mouths), Daleth (three mouths), He (four mouths), Vau (five mouths), Zain (six mouths), Cheth (seven mouths), Teth (eight mouths), Yod (nine mouths), Kaph (ten mouths), Lamed (eleven mouths), mem (twelve mouths), Nun (thirteen mouths), Samek (fourteen mouths), Ayin (fifteen mouths), and Pe (sixteen mouths). If all the shells fall with their mouths face down, it is called ALEPH.

Each throw is called an odu and two initial throws are made to determine the paired odu. For example if the first throw is nine open mouths, the parent odu is Yod, casting the shells a second time if the diviner counts three mouths the odu is Daleth has fallen. The first casting is modified by the second, and the resulting odu is named Yod Daleth. Each of these paired odu form a spiritual organism that forebodes blessings known is Ire or misfortunes (known as Osogbo).

Before casting the divination these items must first be placed on a table, a jar of water, a lighted incense, and a lit candle to give strength to the spirits consulted. The client is also requested to bring a dozen white eggs.

The name of the client is written on paper so it can be referred to during the majuba (prayer). First the diviner takes the efun (white powdered chalk, crashed eggshells) and rubs it on both hands until the palm, fingers and thumbs are covered in white. This is done to the client as well, one must have clean pure hands before handling the shells of the Elohim. Now the client is instructed to take the small fee of $21 and fold it into a small ball. The client crosses himself with it marking the four quarters of the body and gives it to the diviner. Italero (diviner) takes piece of white paper about 8 1⁄2 by 11 inches and taking a black pen draws a large circle in the center of the paper. He then draws another circle within the first circle to form a double circle. The diviner then marks four crosses within the double lines of the circle at the four corners of east, south, west, and north.

Between the cross of the east and the cross of the north the diviner writes the name EHEIEH. Between the cross of the north and the cross of the west the diviner writes the name ELION. Between the cross of the west and the cross of the south the diviner writes the name ELOAH. Between the cross of the south and the cross of the east the diviner writes the name YAHWEH. Instead of drawing the circle on paper the diviner can also draw it on the floor.

Before praying, a jar of fresh water is carried in the left hand, and using the fingers of the right hand three dashes of water are splashed to the east. The diviner then turns clockwise faces the south and sprinkles three dashes of water to the south. The diviner then turns clockwise facing the west and sprinkles three dashes of water to the west. The diviner then turns clockwise facing the north and sprinkles three dashes of water to the north.

After this the diviner takes the sixteen cowries and adds to it the money given by the client and these are rubbed together. All these are rubbed between the hands to awaken the soul that sleeps in the cowries. As they are being rubbed the diviner recites the following prayer:

Download e-book (How to perform spiritual baths, spiritual cleansing and divination)

How to perform spiritual baths, spiritual cleansing and divination is also in the book The Seven Hebrew Gods (e-book)
The Seven Hebrew Gods (paperpack) also in spanish Los Siete Hebreo Dioses(paperback)
Los Siete Hebreo Dioses(e-book)

By Ken Nunoo

an anodyne makes you feel good

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oregano oil as a preservative against bacteria

Researchers have recently found that that Oregano oil is effective against the growth of bacteria which causes fungi and the rapid decay of food. Its rich vitamin content is also well noted and when used with meat, eggs, milk or salad the growth of bacteria slows down to a minimum. The qualities of vegetables are at their best when kept fresh and oregano oil will seem to do just that.

Vitamin D is mostly absorbed from milk and the sun which makes the bones strong and maintains the growth of the calcium structure of the body. It has been pointed out that Bio D- Mulsion is a rich source of vitamin D and can effectively be used in addition to milk to enrich the vitamin D content of the body. Staying healthy requires effort and other synthetic measures. Although we various nutrients from our environment we are often not necessarily in ideal conditions that will enhance the source of all the vitamins that we need.

A well balanced diet combined with exercise and appropriate vitamin sources can help to maintain a healthy body. Our health and well being is most important for everything else we do depend on it. When you are feeling sick, it practically takes you out of circulation from society.

Ken Nunoo

Monday, February 22, 2010

Brazilian Laser hair removal

Hair seems to want to grow anywhere on the body, and often it is preferred to prevent hair from growing in places that you may not want but yet it keeps growing from time to time even though you trim them off. Under those circumstances you may consider using a full brazilian laser hair removal treatment that may permanently stop the hair from growing in those embarrassing places.

In the summer time women often to wear bikinis at the beach and any kind of hair showing in some parts of the body is not desirable. A brazilian laser hair removal treatment could most assuredly permanently stop hair from growing in the bikini areas of the body. Some women sometimes find hair growing on their face and as often as they pluck them off, they keep growing.

Hair grows rapidly in most parts of the body, such as the chest area, legs, and armpits. Some of these areas are sensitive to germs and it is necessary to keep them clean and free of dirt at all times. Hair in the private areas of the body can attract dirt, moisture and germs and hence it is recommended to shave those areas as often as possible or if necessary use a laser hair treatment to permanently prevent the hair from growing.