Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oregano oil as a preservative against bacteria

Researchers have recently found that that Oregano oil is effective against the growth of bacteria which causes fungi and the rapid decay of food. Its rich vitamin content is also well noted and when used with meat, eggs, milk or salad the growth of bacteria slows down to a minimum. The qualities of vegetables are at their best when kept fresh and oregano oil will seem to do just that.

Vitamin D is mostly absorbed from milk and the sun which makes the bones strong and maintains the growth of the calcium structure of the body. It has been pointed out that Bio D- Mulsion is a rich source of vitamin D and can effectively be used in addition to milk to enrich the vitamin D content of the body. Staying healthy requires effort and other synthetic measures. Although we various nutrients from our environment we are often not necessarily in ideal conditions that will enhance the source of all the vitamins that we need.

A well balanced diet combined with exercise and appropriate vitamin sources can help to maintain a healthy body. Our health and well being is most important for everything else we do depend on it. When you are feeling sick, it practically takes you out of circulation from society.

Ken Nunoo

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