Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The benefits of Oregano oil

It has recently been discovered that Oregano oil is an effective resistant against bacteria hence drastically curbs the growth of bacteria allowing vegetables that have been sprayed with oregano oil to stay fresh for longer periods of time. We have tried many ways of of controlling and reducing bacteria which quickly cause the decay of food and other items.

The refrigerator as cold as the inside temperature may be due to the continuos opening and closing of the refrigerator door prevents food from staying fresh. Bacteria have been known to dwell in just about anywhere there is food, vegetable, organic substances since these food for the bacteria. Oregano oil in the present has been used to make various forms of highly enriched vitamin and mineral products one of such items is Bio D-Mulsion which is a highly enriched source of vitamin D. Certain basic vitamins are essential for a daily health among them are vitamin C and Vitamin D which maintains the calcium and bones and growth of the body.

Staying healthy require conscious effort and even the sun provides us with a good source of vitamin D, our lifestyle does not allow us to be in the sun for sufficient number of hours. Most people work inside offices and as result stay indoors most of the day. Artificial vitamin supplements are hence recommended to keep the body healthy.

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