Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kickboxing League Champ

Guest post written by Danny Sellman

Staying active has always been important to me. It was important to me when I was 16, and it couldn’t be more important to me now that I’m 62.

I probably keep fit in a way unique to others my age, though. I’ve always enjoyed boxing as long as I can remember—it’s always been my exercise of choice. I even went to nationals in college! I definitely did not want to give that up as I got older, so I co-founded the senior kickboxing league at my local fitness club with a buddy of mine. We don’t do the combat part, but we definitely exercise using jabs and kicks with the bags the club has. The league gives us a reason to stay active.

While I like I’m in top physical shape for my age, there are several other things I need to work on to get the rest of my body in line. I’m going for a new eyeglass prescription, and I think I’m also going to check out to see about getting some hearing aids. Just one step closer to my college body!

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