Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TV Award

Guest post of the week by Roscoe Harris

I am a big fan of TV programming. That is why I enjoy watching the Primetime Emmy Award show. It is fun to see my favorite TV stars out of character and all dressed up. Typically, the stars look very different from the role they play on their shows. Their hairstyles, makeup, and clothing are usually much more fancy and elegant for the award show. Also, they usually arrive with their spouse or significant other. It is fun to see who the star is involved with.

Another fun part of the Emmy program are the little stories and jokes told when the the stars are introducing each category. The presenters try to act casual and natural even though they have rehearsed these bits earlier. Since I am a huge TV fan and watch many different shows, I am familiar w! ith many of the nominees. This is why I enjoy relaxing on the couch and watching the Emmy Awards on my TVbydirect. I can quietly cheer for my favorite shows and stars. The more awards a show wins then the more likely the show will be renewed for the following season.

The winning TV programs will also receive a more desirable time spot in the prime time schedule.

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